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About Me

Jess has always enjoyed a challenge, but coming of age in the middle of the Great Recession with PTSD and undiagnosed autism posed job market challenges of a different sort: social issues, not "fitting", bombing interviews, and those impossible multiple choice "personality" tests. Not understanding herself and why she is different just made it worse. She and her polyamorous family started a downward spiral before she had a chance to figure out which way was up.

When Jess and her family hit bottom, she decided she was going to write her way out. She hasn't managed yet, but she did create the Polyamory on Purpose blog, wrote a few books, and kept her family together. And like Miles Vorkosigan, she is stubborn as her beloved mountains and isn’t giving up anytime soon.

Today Jess can frequently be found hiking the Appalachians, writing werewolf stories, re-visiting Robin McKinley, and doing her best to raise holy sparks. 

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You want to keep with what's going on my life now that I'm not posting on FB anymore.

You want interesting discussions about sff, sociology, mental health, alt relationships, or other stuff you know I'm into.

You want to support my work.

You want sneak peaks and information about my work-in-progress.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for helping me build this community! I hope we'll all find what we are looking for!

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